Lap Dulcimers

The lap dulcimer (or mountain dulcimer) Has been a constant companion for me for almost 40 years. I have built hundreds of them for players all around the world. My travel schedule, now limits my time in the shop, but I still enjoy crafting special instruments on order. They can be divided into two different models.

The Heritage DulcimerThis is my basic instrument and comes in either teardrop or hourglass shapes. The body is 1.5" deep and the scale length is 27" and includes the 6 1/2 fret. A scroll type headstock and open gear (Grover) tuners give it a very traditional look. My signature heart soundless give it a very distinctive appearance. With walnut back and sides, and a spruce or redwood top, it will enhance the sound of all your tunes. A soft case is included in the price. Price - $459

Fancy Gap Dulcimer

This model has 2" deep sides, uniquely grained back and sides, and a premium toned top. An ebony or rosewood fretboard enhances the noting surface. I can do either a scroll style pegged with open gear tuners or a flat pegged with sealed gear tuners. An electronic pickup is an available option. I can adapt the frets to add 1 1/2, or any other extra frets you desire. Prices start at $550 and will vary with added options.